Why will a vacation in Rtanj be an experience your family will want to repeat?

Same old story: every winter you juggle so that all family members wishes are fulfilled. Girls and women generally want a place with a SPA, nice restaurants and not too demanding trails, while men want the wildest adventure possible, acrobatics in the snow and non-stop adrenaline. Known as the home of the people who love both winter sports and relaxation, we have a tailor-made vacation plan on the most beautiful mountain.


Depending on the current mood and desires you get up with, you can immediately go into action mode or slowly dive into the day. Those who opt for adrenaline have a ski slope within reach, as Rtanj Kopaonik is located on the slope, under Mali Karaman, one of the most popular peaks. Active days on the slopes, skiing or snowboarding, climbing, hiking and seeing new sights bring you closer to a mountain that is so much more than skiing, and to a vacation that is a new concept of living. Kopaonik is not Budva! We leave fancy places, popular stories and crass commercialism to others. Members of your small team or family who want nothing but relaxation will find their zen horizon in our contents and surroundings. The brand-new SPA will relax the body and slow down the mind, whereas horse riding, enjoying yourselves and listening to good music while eating the ultimate food will be surprisingly inspiring. What do you choose? Violeta is waiting for you at our reception desk, and the whole team is here to remind you, the same as in the previous, this one, and every next season – Rtanj is a new concept of living.


When you surfed the internet while planning your vacation, you’ve mostly skipped over boring descriptions from the advertising industry and tirelessly searched for something that promises an experience mentioned in the same ads you’ve come across? If different from what you’ve seen before and escape from everyday life were your filters, we are glad you found us. The algorithm works! Staying on Kopaonik is more than renting a room, and Rtanj is more than a hotel. As our guests, don’t expect a classic hotel and the service you are used to. Welcome to a place where the feelings of freedom and luxury are connected with a refined style, where you are welcomed by people you’ll feel like you already know. Fireplace lounge and Rtanj B are only some of the places in Rtanj which are well known for the buzz of conversation, a glass of warm mulled wine and stories shared among sports fans while listening to good music or in a tad more intimate lobby area. Every day, from the ski room to your room door, you will witness a different kind of rest and a light aura of a different way of relaxing. Learn more about the wild nature, yourself and your environment we paint with friendly and warm colors!


We understand that the way you spend your free time often doesn’t satisfy you or doesn’t give the feeling you desire. If anyone knows what is a need to change from the inside – it’s us! There is a fine line between story and reality, and we stand at the exact point where what’s promised is delivered. Designed to offer guests of all ages content that will keep them active and bring them a positive change, Rtanj is a new experience of everyday life! Visit the most beautiful mountain in the region and have a vacation that will make a difference.

Rtanj leaves you with the choice to plan a day for your family in line with your wishes, so as to preserve your health and bring your mind and body into balance – which we all desperately need due to stress, the pandemic and pollution. Everything we crave for in the city just waits for us on the mountain in abundance. Rtanj says: a new life experience, a mountain like you’ve never seen before and a vacation beyond expectations – what do you say?

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