Why Is Rtanj A Skiers’ Paradise

In love with more than the mountains, in wintertime, they hear only the sound of skis on the snow, see vast forest of evergreen trees covered in snow, and dream of challenging and unexplored slopes. Sipping tea in front of the fireplace is nice, but if you have identified yourselves with first sentence – you fantasize about chasing down the slopes and a date reserved for skiing on the calendar. If that is the case, why would Rtanj be the right place to visit?


At the heart of Kopaonik, just under the Mali Karaman peak, Rtanj is as close as it gets to the adrenaline-pumping experience of skiing. Morning, coffee, breakfast, and hit the slopes! Welcome to the altitude of 1786 meters, our little ski paradise that has acquired the status of an icon of Kopaonik over the years. Ever since 1958, skiing trumps everything out here, with the famous skiers’ home ready to meet the needs of the most demanding guests. 


The first days on Kop were mostly spent renting equipment and waiting in loooooong queues for ski passes.  Forget that! Rtanj offers equipment rental, ski room and skipass purchase. Fully renovated in 2013, Rtanj has become an unprecedented way of living mountain life! Vacation days are now even more oriented towards your favorite winter sports, and Rtanj is everything a mountain needs to be – concrete-free nature and wilderness waiting for you to explore it.


Favorite among skiers on the most beautiful mountain in Serbia, Rtanj has long reflected a catchphrase “more than a hotel”. We can only add “more than a mountain” and “more than skiing”. Feeling of freedom and luxury and style go hand in hand with winter adventures that demand quick reactions, adaptability and succumbing to movement and action. The atmosphere here is intimate and homely, yet unburdening. If sterile rooms and formal conversations aren’t your cup of tea, you know where to find us!


Rtanj – the home of our Olympic athletes, skiers, mountaineers and men (people) of good will! Good fun and a friendly atmosphere make that slight difference that turns out to be huge at the end of the day. Ski club Rtanj’s members are professional and recreational athletes, winter and adrenaline sports enthusiasts, as well as national team members. We are talking about the only Serbian Olympic ski club that has been making the winter months special for a special group of people for more than 15 years.


When the sun rises and you watch the cable car from the window, one thing is certain: one of your own is already there! For those who are just starting out, skiing lessons will make winter days different and memorable. And if you’re lucky enough and they are not at some big world race chasing medals or training hard all day, maybe Dražen’s champions from the Ski Club Rtanj – Daša, Lara, Aleksa or Lazar will pass by you! The team is always ready, are you?


The starting point is our ski room, from where we rush straight to the slope and zip down the other slopes, and at the end of the day we are back at our place – next to Skituljko. Descent to the sunny terrace of Rtanj is amazing, and the famous Rtanj donut and Peda’s they memorize the mulled wine mind-blowing. After that, please go to the Fireplace lodge or Odžaklija restaurant, and see what new specialties have Draga and Sale prepared. Along the way, we’ll check whether Mićko’s violin sounds equally good!


If you are having a blast, and you forgot to take off your ski boots, don’t worry. Violeta will wait for you at the reception desk and help you remember where your room is! Always there – as if you came to visit a favorite relative or a good friend, we will meet you and resolve any issue. All senses and perceptions will be turned up to the max, as this is anything but a classic vacay – it’s another dimension of Kopaonik! Feel good among your own kind here at Rtanj, because – you are our kind!

Pack your bags and run from the city concrete crawling with people and pre-holiday stress! Choose one of the modern renovated rooms and we’ll see you soon.

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