What To Expect When Visiting Rtanj Kopaonik?

A fairy tale-like road surrounded by tall firs, captivating hideaway in the heart of the mountain. This is how we would, aside from geographic coordinates, best describe the location of Rtanj on the mountain of Kopaonik. Welcome to a place that is just a few minutes’ drive from the center of Kopaonik or a bit less than 30 minutes – if you go on foot. In the lines that follow, we will together look at Rtanj Kopaonik with curious eyes, and discover what makes our guests put us on their wish lists, whether they had been here just once or for 100 times.


Rtanj is everything that made you sigh when looking at winter travelogues. Only one step away from the Mali Karaman slope, one second away from surrendering to the endless white of the snow. Thanks to its position – at the heart of the mountain, winter holidays at Rtanj will not resemble any holiday you’ve been on. Straight from the rooms, we put on our skis and the day may begin! The proximity of the slope and the peace of wild nature that surrounds us are ideal both for adrenaline rushes and total relaxation.


The circle of fun ends in our yard! Zipping from one slope to another, skiers are looking for a place to rest and enjoy themselves, and find it in front of our hotel. Mulled wine, rakija, the famous Rtanj donuts and the feeling of visiting an old friend for a cup of conversation – checked! The unforgettable moments spent with the people you love or even better, new people you just met, is what will change you from the inside. Our fast-food bar mission was pure hedonism, and it worked!


Each of us has those smells that bring us back to our childhood. Many of our guests say that those memories came alive when they visited the smoker at Rtanj. What teases your nosebuds in Odžaklija as you sip your drink and wait for your food, is cold-smoked in everyone’s favorite room. Here you can have a glass of rakija and taste homemade sausage, juicy bacon or prosciutto, and learn more about the preparation of meat specialties. Unity with nature in the form we love the most – through the magical sense of taste.


Impressive black Friesian horses are just a few minutes’ walk from your room, like in the most beautiful Christmas movie. Ready to take you to the wild regions of Kopaonik at their powerful gallop, they’ll give you an experience you could not even begin to imagine. Horseback riding lessons are age-appropriate, and our instructors are here to bring these noble animals closer to you and teach you how to enjoy “feeling your oats.” At the Frizija riding school, you will meet Rosie who came to this world in December 2021, her dad Caesar, Simba, Joris and other elegant beauties. And then, we’ll go to an area without skiers and crowds – with viewpoints so unreal that no camera can capture them!


Unique food and vibe that must be experienced are the crown jewel of staying at Rtanj. Specialties of our cook Draga are the mountains most famous delights, and you can try them in the authentic ambiance of our rustic tavern. Known for its phenomenal food and enjoyment that sometimes starts in the evening and lasts until the wee hours of the morning, Odžaklija is a symbol of Kopaonik, well known to skiers and winter lovers. Even if you are not staying in Rtanj, you are welcome to try our meat specialties and dishes prepared under the “sač” (baked in clay pot amongst live coals), and wine for everyone’s taste. With our plates and glasses full, we are waiting for you at the place where the real mountain fun begins!

Now that you know where you’re coming, all that’s left is to find the ideal room for your winter  holiday at Rtanj and “enter dates.”

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