Dear hotel guests,

In line with COVID-19 prevention measures, the company Rtanj Kopaonik doo adopted a decision whereby all visitors staying with us in the season 2021/22 they must have negative test results or a revaccination certificate upon entering our facility at Kopaonik.

If a person does not have a revaccination certificate, we can accept PCR, IgG or antigen test. Tests must be done no later than 48 hours before arriving to Rtanj. Testing can be done in certified laboratories.

During the 2021/22 winter season, the company Rtanj Kopaonik doo will allow entry to our facility on Kopaonik only for our hotel guests. In addition to all the measures prescribed by the state authorities, we have installed Zepter air purifiers certified in Germany to effectively rid the air of 99.9% of COVID-19 viruses, and a number of other measures aimed at creating a safe environment for our guests. Our guests must comply with all the measures prescribed by the company. Stay healthy, and we will see you in Rtanj!

COVID guarantee – provides for the full refund of the amount paid for hotel services, in the following cases:

  • confirmed coronavirus in one or more persons who booked the accommodation (with submitted valid documentation, a positive PCR test result), both for domestic and international guests
  • closing borders, for foreign guests
  • declaration of the state of emergency, or a curfew on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, both for domestic and international guests

Covid garancija – garantuje povrat uplaćenog iznosa za usluge hotela u celosti, u slučajevima:

  • potvrđenog prisustva korona virusa kod jedne ili više osoba na koje se odnosi rezervacija smeštaja (uz dostavljenu validnu dokumentaciju, pozitivan nalaz PCR testa) za domaće i strane goste
  • zatvaranja granica za strane goste
  • proglašenja vanrednog stanja i zabrane kretanja na teritotiji RS, za domaće i strane goste