Mountain Biking

Where concrete ends, mountain adventure begins!

This is not a vacation for sleepy heads: this is an adrenaline injection for those who understand the difference between Struga and Mordor trails. And then opt to ride on both! Fans of mountain biking with obstacles and wild nature can choose one of three trails. Beginner KGB track is 2.120 meters long and 1,5 meters wide. The average trail gradient is 7%, but it goes up to 15%. Most of the trail is on green areas with a short section passing through the woods. Struga is a medium difficulty trail with obstacles, 2.100 meters long and 1 meters wide. The average trail gradient is 7%, but it goes over 10%. Mordor is the right choice for the most experienced bikers, as it is 0,8 meters to 1 meter wide. It has various obstacles and gap jumps, with the average trail gradient of 8%. Most of the trail is in the woods. If you want to try an extreme tour, we recommend a ride from Pančićev peak, because the cable car has bike racks. The good news for mountain bikers is that in Rtanj you can rent some of the top Merida e-bikes with a built-in auxiliary electric motor, which will help with obstacles and climbing uphill. Choose your passion, and we’ll catch up Kop!

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