COVID 19 measures – rtanj

COVID 19 measures

Dear guests,

In accordance with the measures for the prevention of COVID 19 infection, the company Rtanj Kopaonik doo has made a decision that all guests in the 2020/21 season must have a negative test result when entering our facility on Kopaonik. In cooperation with our partner Aqualab we have provided you with testing at a discounted price of 2000,00 dinars. You need to test your self up to 48 hours before arrival in Rtanj.

You can also perform testing in other certified laboratories.
The company Rtanj Kopaonik doo will, during the winter season 2020/21, allow entry to the facility on Kopaonik only to guests of the facility. In addition to all measures prescribed by state authorities, ‘Zepper’ air filters certified in Germany will be installed in the facility to effectively eliminate 99.9{10e61592d157db4bbbb71f3e3857b4f4a972e8a682c9ceea8f5ebaf47485cca2} of the Covid19 virus from the air, as well as other measures aimed at creating a safe environment for our guests. Guests will be required to comply with all measures prescribed by the company.
Stay healthy and see you in Rtanj