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Adrenaline sports

Adventure Park And Artificial Rock

Test your skill

On the plateau of the hotel there is an artificial rock on which you can learn the basics of free climbing or keep fit with the constant supervision of certified instructors.

The adventure park located in front of the hotel provides children and adults with adrenaline fun in the shade of Christmas trees. The safety of all participants is a priority for our instructors.

Bicycle tours

Join our bike-tours and discover another side of Kopaonik

Hotel guests have at their disposal brand new bicycles of all sizes, with which you can visit Kopaonik or go on more extreme tours, such as the descent down Pančićev vrh, because the cable car is equipped with bicycle stands.

Mountain biking is an extreme sport in which special bikes cross so-called off-road roads, inaccessible hilly and mountainous terrains full of ups and downs, forest trails, and fields.

Since its inception in the 19th century, the bicycle has been a favorite means of transportation for most people, and cycling is also an official Olympic sport. However, for true adrenaline addicts and wildlife lovers, a unique experience is the increasingly popular mountain biking.

Mountain bikes are adapted to the conditions, they have wider tires with folds, special brakes and shock absorbers on both wheels. All you need to do is hurry down the steep slope of Kopaonik.

Kayak tour Valley of the Ages

Try kayaking through the valley of old Raska

The tour includes kayaking through the valley of old Raska, where monasteries dating back to the 12th century can be seen on the left and right sides of the Ibar coast.
During the tour, we will visit the most interesting ones – the Nikoljača Monastery, the Stara Pavlica Monastery, and the Medieval town of Brvenik.
After visiting the Pavlica monastery, we will take a van to Kopaonik (45 minutes drive).

Price per person 14,200 dinars. The price includes 2 half board and kayaking tour.

All information and reservations can be obtained at the following telephone numbers: 381-65-321-8431 or 381-11-4111-000


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