Terms of Use

Terms and conditions of stay


By purchasing one of the arrangements traveler enters a legal relationship with the organizer Rtanj Kopaonik Ltd. In the pro forma – contract gets when purchasing , signed clause – I am familiar with the conditions of travel and I fully respect them – and thus accepts these conditions for the Organizer legal obligation and an integral part of the application, or the Treaty of organizing the trip. GENERAL CONDITIONS These are the basis for the removal of any disputes , and therefore it is necessary to carefully study the traveler that part of the Agreement .


The contents of the package stay in the house in Kopaonik on half board basis in the winter and board or half board in other months at a price that is determined by these conditions . Content Organizer arrangements will be fully realized as described above , except in cases of exceptional circumstances ( war, riots , acts of terrorism , natural disasters , etc. )


Information , registration and reservations can be made on the premises Rtanj Kopaonik Ltd. which are located in New Belgrade , Gandijeva 76a , or phone 011 – 4111-000 and 065-3218431 .

Booking sites to provide only the amount of the advance payment of 60 % of the price arrangements , within three days of making the reservation.

The whole amount is to be paid no later than 8 days prior to commencement of travel .

Payment is made on the current account Rtanj Kopaonik Ltd. 205-171073-96 .

Legal persons may make a payment in three to six equal monthly installments , the first of which shall mature before the commencement of travel, with the obligatory contract is made .

IV Cancelation

If the traveler cancels the trip in writing , the Organiser shall be entitled to reimbursement for travel cancellation , as follows:

– In the interval 30-8 days before departure – 30 % of the price arrangements

– 1-7 days before departure – 50 % of the price arrangements

– On or after the commencement of travel 100 % of the price arrangements .

If the traveler finds replacement Organizer charge 5 % of the price package for administrative costs .


Rtanj Kopaonik d.o.o. is obliged to behave with the care of a good organizer in the execution of services and is responsible for failure of services or part services . The organizer will not be responsible in case of force majeure (Count II ) .


The traveler is required to be in the house of house rules and to cooperate with the organizer and provider of services in good faith . In the case of non-compliance with these obligations , the traveler is responsible for the damage done to the Organizer and Organizer disclaims any liability for any damage in that case could suffer traveler .


If the services of the program is incomplete or unsatisfactory , the customer can demand compensation proportional to and with the submission of a written request . The request shall be submitted in the course of a trip to the front desk of the House , or at the latest within eight days after completion of travel on the premises Rtanj Kopaonik Ltd. , Novi Beograd , Gandijeva 76a . The fee per complaint is possible up to a maximum price of the arrangement .


A child up to 2 years of age goes free if using the same bed with one of the parents .

Children 2-10 years receive a discount to the price list .


Prices are determined specifically for students of technical universities , employees of the Railroad Company and deserving members of the Company and in particular for third parties . Price list is an integral part of these conditions and adopted by the Assembly Rtanj Kopaonik Ltd. before each season for the current year .


The amount of tourist tax is determined by the Municipality of Raska and it is 100.00 dinars per day for adults , children 7-15 years pay 50.00 dinars, and children up to 7 years are exempt from paying taxes .

Rtanj Kopaonik d.o.o.


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