Adventure park

The idea of ​​camps for children has grown in each of us individually. And, we are different, it is gathered. With a desire to provide children and young people enjoy the mountain, having fun, learning a variety of skills, but also to show them how to respect nature, a handful of versatile people who love sports, primarily in white, gathered … And so begins the story of Campsites Rtanj .

Near Rtanj are:

  • Adventure park
  • Artificial rocks
  • Ziplajn system

Information on the use of all facilities can be obtained at the reception.
Guests staying in Rtanj, get a discount when you use the above content.

Adventure concept is mostly used in the realization of camps for children, and more about what you can see on page


Ziplajn system consists of a series of steel cables attested that descends user, dressed in proper climbing gear. Extremely attractive ride that simulates flying through the air. The most attractive cable in winter extends over the plateau Rtanj, so that overflies skiers and guests... More


The exceptional thing to exercise all muscle. Freeclimebing valid for one of the healthiest sports throughout the developing Entire musculature, as well as traits: persistence, perseverance and patience. Artificial rocks at Rtanj has four brown, and are strung gradation from easiest to... More


Adventure Park consists of a platform in the trees, which are linked by a suspension bridge, cables, vines and networks. Adventure parks are very attractive because the user provide adventure and fun, and of him for stamina, courage, and skill. It is a blend of adventure and... More


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