History of the "Rtanj"

04.03.1958, the chairman of the company Mirko Kovacevic (architecture student) sent letters to governments of technical colleges, asking for financial assistance because of the administrative board of the company decided that the 10 years of establishment makes a home in Kopaonik.
Seljina house is selected position underneath Mali Karaman at an altitude of 1786 m, in addition to Karamanskog stream that is until the ’70 year. was so big and loud that he could middle of winter to run the mill with two stones.

29.novemra 1958, on Republic Day, open stone house with two rooms for sleeping and a fireplace area with the famous staircase. This staircase and now there is, and make it Halfcylinders nailed the hair chump.

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    • Poštovani Uglješa,
      Rtanj na Kopaoniku su izgradili studenti, pretežno elektrotehnike, koji su bili članovi planinarsko-skijaškog društva koje se tada zvalo, a i danas se zove Rtanj.


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